Pakistan failed me as a Father

The following interview was conducted in Saudi Arabia on 27, March 2013. This heart wrenching interview shows the real pain of minorities in Pakistan.

“I am a Hindu, used to live in mithi, (sindh – Pakistan), probably the only town in Pakistan with Hindu majority.

It was Jan-2011, My girl was in high school and boy in college. I went to pickup my girl everyday from her tuition.

That day she didn’t turn up after her tuition was over, I went about asking her usual friends and then her tuition teacher, he said that they held a surprise test today; she completed her test early, submitted her sheet and went out. I started panicking, went about searching for her, didn’t tell my son, he had internship set in Lahore, he’d have left everything and returned

I went to the police station to file a complaint against the disappearance of my daughter. They didn’t seem too interested in filing complain, they asked me to wait for a few days, made abusive comments on my daughter that she might have fled with her lover and having pleasure with him.

I went about searching for her everywhere on highways, nearby lakes, showed her photo to every one I came across. After 4 days, I lost all hope, called my son up that night, sitting like a beggar by the road side, cried for the first time in front of my kid, like a helpless father.

He came back in 2 days time, we went to Karachi to seek help from police there, they seemed quite supportive, they asked us to go back home and that they’d do all they could to find her.

Next day while I was sitting in my balcony, analyzing my life, how I failed my wife and now my kid I saw her coming, with torn clothes about her, I knew then what had happened to her. They raped her for 5 days, made her do unusual things I cannot explain.

I decided then to leave Pakistan, applied for visa to India, but it was denied, possibly because of the tension on Pakistan-India border due to some soldier beheading case.

We went to Saudi Arabia in March. My daughter never regained her usual self and has tried committing suicide twice. If anything, pray for her well being.

I hope I never have to go back to Pakistan ever”


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