The Great Minority is Under Threat

Increasingly youth are converting to Islam! this time victims are “KALASH people”!

At school, children take a compulsory class on Islam but not about their own traditions, some face anger from Muslim neighbours in the region, who believe God is enraged by the tribe’s un-Islamic practises and has unleashed natural disasters ─ floods and earthquakes ─ on the area as punishment.

I do not understand that why these sick Islamic people wants to convert everyone into Islam! what they will get?? can’t they live peacefully and let others live peacefully!!! If Allah wants everyone to follow him then why cannot he just make everyone Muslims by peace and love instead of using force, violence, torture and brainwashed tactics.

Kalash women are considered “impure” during their periods, during which they are not supposed to touch others.
Their fight to get the Kalash on to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List began in 2008, but eight years on remains mired in sluggish bureaucracy.

“The government of Pakistan has not submitted any dossier so far either for preservation of the Kalash cultural heritage or to safeguard any endangered part,” Aziz
Dear Aziz, The Govt only cares for Muslims, can’t you see Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and others minority are going through? compare with those, you guys are still lucky!! but Shame on Govt. of Pakistan, who is totally failed to protect the minority and supporting Islamic fundamentalists!



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