The Irony of Minorities

“Can’t forgot the day when a group of people burned down the old chipboard factory. They had accused one of our colleague of blasphemy. They wished to kill us and police didn’t even tried to stop them. later, they broke our Mosque.That day everything was finished for us. Our homes were destroyed, we were beaten by the violent people.It was horrible as well shocking but not surprising. Because in Pakistan we Ahmedis or any other minorities are cursed to live such life.

I’m witnessed of all these things.It was matter of personal disputes which was presented in different color. Rafiq had some personal issue with Asif (an Ahmadis),over business issue (both were running garment shop) ,he had fought with him many times. One day when we (me and Asif) are coming from market.

Rafiq along with his four friends came there and suddenly they started abusing us and our community (Ahmadis). We asked them why they were abusing but they were not ready to listen. We ignore them and move towards our house. but the were kept backing us then Asif scold Rafeeq and told him to get out.Rafiq warned Asif to teach him a lesson.

It was result of that discussion not of Blasphemy.”

– An Eyewitness


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