What was his fault?

” When I saw him, his condition was worth sympathy. What else can one think while looking at a paralyzed person. One day, suddenly we started talking and I came to know that he is an engineer. While working for Pakistan’s Air Force he became paralyzed. An interesting about him remained that earlier he was a Christian but due to his intimacy with Islam, he became a Muslim. It amused me to listen him, how simply he spoke about the teachings of Quran and Hadees.

Once while having tea he said ‘Hafiz, we all are Muslim. This whole world is a Muslim. People may make different religions but Islam is the only religion of the world.’

The news about him being a converted Muslim was slowly spreading. One day that unfortunate day came too when Tahir was coming back after teaching kids and a man entered inside , shouting ‘If you won’t give me 10,000 then you will curse your life soon and don’t forget that you are a converted Muslim.’

I thought it was just a fake warning for taking money but till evening, an angry crowd had gathered against Tahir. While returning from office, I came to know that Tahir was first accused of disrespecting Quran and Tahir miyan was murdered by the mob.”

– Hafiz Ahmed


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