You are against Minorities too If your are quiet

“We used to receive numerous threat calls. We had told Maryam to stop picking up the phone. Though sometimes those calls seemed fake to us but to be on a safe side we had informed about them to the nearest police station too. Then suddenly one day Maryam’s friend came home, she was scared and told us that some goons had abducted Maryam.

We all went numb. No one was able to think that how can we find her or whom should we ask about Maryam? Soon our neighbors came to know about this incident and they gathered with us to go till the police station. That whole night her brother kept searching for Maryam on streets. For 3 days no one helped us not even the police. Then our phone rang and I picked it up.

I was told that my daughter had accepted Islam and after that she was married to Mohd. Ali and now she will stay with her husband. Listening to this some people said that at least she was alive. Though I can understand the pain. I am her mother and I know how difficult it is to live without your will. A life without choices is worst than death. I have no idea about Maryam’s condition. We were never told anything else. I don’t know what kind of pain she must be going through.

I live in Pakistan and I have no way to bring my daughter back. Do such people really don’t fear Allah?? Those people who didn’t stood up for my daughter , people who are relieved that my daughter is now away from me , people who do not understand the pain of a mother , how can such people preach Islam??? Such people are devil in my eyes. Being a minority in Pakistan snatched away my daughter!!”

– Musarat Mushtaq


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